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José Carrillo, University of Oxford

Title: Nonlocal Aggregation-Diffusion Equations: fast diffusion and partial concentration

Nicolas Saintier, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Title: A kinetic point of view on learning in game theory

Andrzej Zuk, Université de Paris

Lecture 1: Spectra, automata and the KdV equation

Lecture 2: Ultradiscrete limits of PDEs, automata and groups

Lecture 3: Spectra of automata and the von Neumann dimension


Jorge Antezana, Universidad Nacional de la Plata and IAM

Title: Twisted polar decompositions and Aluthge transforms

Santiago Arenas Velilla, CIMAT       

Title:  Number of crossings in randomly embedded graphs

Octavio Arizmendi Echegaray, CIMAT

Title: The distribution of the derivative roots of a polynomial

Jose A. Cañizo, Universidad de Granada

Title: Long-time behavior of the integrate-and-fire neuron population model with long delays

 Marianna Chatzakou,  Universiteit Gent

Title: Poincare and Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities on Lie groups

 Esther Bou Dagher, Imperial College London

Title: Coercive Inequalities and U-Bounds

Irene Drelichman, Universidad Nacional de la Plata and IMAS

Title: Fractional Sobolev spaces in irregular domains

Serena Federico, Università di Bologna

Title: Unique continuation properties of Schrödinger equations with variable coefficients

Eduard Feireisl, Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences

Title: On a singular limit for the Navier-Stokes-Fourier system with an unexpected term

Pablo Ferrari, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Title: Slot decomposition of the box-ball system

Pedro Massey, Universidad Nacional de la Plata and IAM

Title: Spectral spread of Hermitian operators

James Melbourne,​ CIMAT

Title: Transport to majorization and related inequalities

Carolina Mosquera, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Title: Fourier decay of self-similar measures on the complex plane

Julio Rossi, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Title: Different notions of convexity

 Michael Ruzhansky, Universiteit Gent

Title: Subelliptic pseudo-differential calculus on compact Lie groups

Hernán Vivas, Centro Marplatense de Investigaciones Matemáticas

Title: Surfaces of minimum curvature variation: a PDE approach

Miguel Walsh, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Title: Local uniformity of multiplicative functions

Noemí Wolanski, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Title: Time asymptotic behavior for time/space fractional diffusion equations in R^n

Nurgissa Yessirkegenov, Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling, Kazakhstan 

Title: Hypoelliptic functional inequalities 

Jean Claude Zambrini, Universidade de Lisboa

Title: Stochastic calculus of variations in space-time

Ewelina Zatorska, University College London

Title: Hard congestion limit to the dissipative model of collective motion.

Boguslaw Zegarlinski, CNRS

Title: Invitation to Solar Mathematics

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